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Logistics uk warehousing

Warehouses with a total surface of 4000 m².

Continental Cargo Carriers is one of the biggest players on the roll-on roll-off market between Europe and the UK. Continental Cargo Carriers has a 300 vehicle fleet and delivers full and part load consignments “just in time” every day.

Logistics & warehousing service

The Oostende office has warehouses with a total surface of 4000 m² which implies that Continental Cargo Carriers can also handle the transhipment and storage of your goods.

Continental Cargo Carriers has offices in Oostende and in Ramsgate and has an integrated computer system. CCC is ISO9001 accredited since 1983.

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Continental Cargo Carriers N.V.
Vergunningenstraat 15
8400 Oostende, België
Tel: + 32 59 33 93 00
Fax: +32 59 32 04 14

Continental Cargo Carriers Ltd
1 Poulton Close
Dover, Kent, CT17 0HL
Tel: + 44 1304 200 300
Fax: + 44 1304 242 800